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Who is the Red Head Explorer?

On the way to Mt. Everest Base Camp

Hi, I am Sigurður Björgvinsson, but call me Siggi, Shiva, Samir or CK. I have many names depending where in the world I am. It can be sometimes be complicated for people to say my real name (I wonder why?).


I am originally a Red Head from Iceland but I have spent most of my last few years everywhere but Iceland. I have been in a lot of adventures and had some great experiences during my travels. I have lived in an orphanage in Nepal, been to Mt. Everest Base Camp and seen a volcano in Iceland just to name a few.


I am always going new places and filling my passport with stamps from every country in the world. I simply can´t stay in the same place for long, I need to see the world. Travelling is what I love to do and I hope that you will enjoy reading my travel stories and look at my photos I have taken on the way.



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30 May, 2015

Man cannot discover new oceans. Unless he has the courage to leave the shore.
Man cannot discover new oceans. Unless he has the courage to leave the shore.

29 December, 2014

I am back home to the awesome country Iceland after been in the United States I wrote a post about my experience working for 6 months in a hotel

Iceland is incredible, I got this photo from my back yard the first week I was home.

11 August, 2014

Another video from Kathmandu, Nepal. Cows are holy in Nepal and they can just sit on the middle of the road without anybody bothering them.

15 July, 2014

I have decide to join Flickr and I will be uploading all of my best photos here:


3 July, 2014

Just finished my post about my day with the volcano in Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

Also check out my video when I went close to with the volcano...

27 June, 2014

I have added my first two blog posts about my time in Nepal and the Himalayas

15 June, 2014

Welcome to my blog, The RedHead Explorer.

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